A History of the
Golden Bear
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Welcome to the official website for the book, A History of the Golden Bear, Huntington Beach by Robert J. Carvounas. Visit this site often for up coming events related to the release of the book and other events related to celebrating the memory and the history of the great Golden Bear of Huntington Beach, California.
Feel like contacting the author? He would love to hear from you! Do you have any Golden Bear memorabilia you'd like to share for use in upcoming publications, events, or exhibitions? Feel free to send questions, comments, or even reviews of the book to goldenbearhb@yahoo.com.

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Please check back often for information on upcoming events related to Golden Bear history including lectures, and "meet the author" book signings. There is talk of another Golden Bear Reunion summer concert series in the future. The reunion of September 2009 was a HUGE success!!

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About the Book

Harry Bakre Just mention the name "Golden Bear" to a Huntington Beach local and the utterance is usually met with a knowing smile and regretful tilt of the head. Almost everybody— young and old— still remembers the once great landmark. This book is not intended to be— nor could any one text ever be— a recounting of all the great memories from countless individuals over three generations. Instead, it is meant to provide the historical context for those memories. It is the story of the people behind the Golden Bear. From Harry Bakre— whose talent and vision gave birth to the Golden Bear when Huntington Beach itself was still in it's infancy— to Del Kauffman, George Nikas, and the Babiracki Trio who presided over the Huntington Beach landmark when it was a legendary live music venue. It contains their personal stories and recounts some of their interactions with legendary performers— and also with their community. It is a story about Huntington Beach businessmen who created a legacy that still reverberates to this day. It is a story of success, a story of triumph, and ultimately a story of defeat and great loss. The world lost the Golden Bear when it was demolished in the summer of 1986.
Del Kauffman George Nikas The Babiracki Trio
The modest story in this book— and the scores of images through which it weaves— provides a basic history of the Golden Bear. It is a celebration of the irretrievable past, and of that once great time: A time when the Golden Bear roared in Huntington Beach... and beyond.